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Halloween has come a long way from the original Celtic festival to ward off evil spirits. These days, Halloween is all about having fun and getting up to a little bit of mischief (as long as it's all good natured!). What better way of joining in, than making your own pumpkins with our 12 cell Halloween pumpkin chocolate baking mould?


Baking Safely With Our Food Grade Pumpkin Silicone Moulds


We are passionate about ensuring everyone who enjoys basking and chocolate making, does so safely. We do that by only offering 100% food grade silicone moulds. So our moulds will not absorb any of the flavours that you might be using for your Halloween pumpkins. Neither will they give off foul odours or tastes and most importantly, they are not toxic like non-food grade silicone may be.


Simple and Easy Halloween Silicone Mould Cleaning and Storage


There's nothing worse than standing for hours trying clean the last remnants of your baking off of kitchen utensils, right? You don't have to worry with our 12 cell Halloween pumpkin silicone moulds. Use them in the microwave or the oven up to 260 degrees centigrade, pop out the amazing pumpkins you've just crafted and put the moulds straight into the dishwasher.


Not ready for serving? No problem. Keep them in the freezer, down to -60 degrees centigrade for whenever you're ready. All our moulds are FDA and CE approved and have a non-stick, wipe clean surface that makes life super easy for you!


Halloween Pumpkin Silicone Moulds Are Not Just For Chocolate


If you're not a chocolate baker and want to find a suitable mould for another type of ingredient, that's fine. You can use resin, wax, soap and even concrete if you wish, without any issues.


Here are the Halloween pumpkin silicone mould size specifications:


Overall Mould Size : 230mm x 95mm

Individual Cell Size : 35mm wide x 32mm high x 24mm deep

All measurements given are approximate.


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12 Cell Pumpkin Chocolate Silicone Mould Halloween


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