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  • Why don't you use paraffin wax?
    Paraffin wax is derived from crude oil. So for us, in the same way that we wouldn't want to spend four hours inhaling fumes from a car's exhaust, we'd rather not do the same thing with a candle or melt. Paraffin candles also leave black smoky residue in any room that you light a paraffin candle. In short, we don't use paraffin due to serious health concerns
  • Do you use soy wax and if so, is it eco-friendly?"
    Yes! We do currently use soy wax and it is only sourced from certified manufacturers in the US, Europe and Australia. This means that under no circumstances should any deforrestation have taken place in order to grow the soy. That said, we are constantly trialing new vegetable sourced waxes including enviromentally friendly coconut and rapeseed and will continue to research the best options available
  • Is your packaging recycled?
    Much of our packaging is recycled where possible. If we can't find recycled, then we make sure it is either compostable or biodegradable - this also includes glitter (please see next FAQ)
  • Why don't you load your melts and candles with glitter or mica?
    The majority of glitter currently available is produced from un-recycled or non-recyclable plastic. If you've heard about all the micro plastics that are killing our oceans, then this is the type of thing that glitter can be made from. In the case of mica, whilst it's a mineral and so not plastic, the way it is most commonly mined, requires young children with no rights or safety support to do the mining. For us, that means we're currently not interested until we can find certified sources
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