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Eco-Friendly Handmade Wax Melts & Candles

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Our Environment is Everything, Right?

As a society, we waste millions of tonnes of packaging each and every year. We also destroy millions of hectares of virgin rainforest in order to satisfy our insatiable desire for meat and other agro-crops that normally wouldn't be able to grow in certain parts of the world.

Humanity cannot continue along this destructive path, if it is to survive.


That's why at, we are totally passionate about our footprint on the environment, something that we hope you are too? As such, we thought you might like to know a little more about where our manufacturing components and packaging come from and how we are looking to minimise (to the best of our ability), our impact on the environment. Let's start off with our wax...

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Guaranteed GMO free and situated on responsibly cultured arable land

Our soy wax is sourced from a leading UK based manufacturer. They import the raw materials required to produce wax suitable for candle making from farms in the United States and Europe, all of which is guaranteed GMO free and situated on responsibly cultured arable land (in other words, they didn't burn down any local rainforests!).


However we are currently trialing a new wax made from Coconut and Rapeseed oils, blended exclusively in Europe and completely and utterly free from paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax and other synthetic additives.


This is really exciting for us as it minimises further our impact on the environment as the raw materials are in production anyway, so no need to destroy any other part of the world, to start making candles.


Also from a health point of view, we can further distance ourselves from the potentially harmful side-effects related to paraffin wax. This article is designed to go into detail about paraffin wax, but if you have any candles made from this, then just check the glass container when it's finished and the decor of your room.


You'll see sooting everywhere - that also gets into your lungs... We probably don't need to elaborate any further!

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Ah...but what about the packaging..?

Whatever type of packaging we use, it has to conform to at least one of: recycled materials, recyclable after use, biodegradable and/or compostable. In fact, much of our packaging now conforms to most of the forementioned controls.


That said, it's still not easy to find good, legitimate eco-friendly packing, however we are very pleased to be able to start supplying our luxury gift sets in recycled boxes, that can very easily be stripped down and used as compost.


If you do want to compost your packaging, make sure it is labled as being compost friendly. Unfortunately, many box manufacturers still use inks made from heavy metals that can poison the soil. Thankfully our new packing doesn't

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So what's the future?

Of course, we still have to try to find ways of working with suppliers and other 3rd parties (delivery companies), on ways we can further lower our carbon footprint.


Right now, we have to hold our hands up and say that's still a work in progress, but we are constantly trying to source solutions that will help us all live a better, less stressful, and ultimately more healthy lifestyle.


As such, we thank you, the people that matter to us, for your continued and on-going support!

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