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The Gadsby 18" medium to large wicker picnic hamper, or storage basket is handmade from split willow and designed to be lightweight, making it easy to move around and carry. It's made from sustainable and vegan friendly materials and can be recycled when you've finished using it.


  • Ideal for assembling a premium selection of larger gifts into an impressive and prestigious gift.
  • This medium size of handmade wicker hamper is popular for creating a mid-range gift, especially at Christmas where it is often filled with puddings, bottles fruit, bread and other items, or to use as a lightweight, portable picnic hamper for those warm, summer days
  • This hamper features a full willow lid, with a split willow base. The finger holes straps and hinges complete the stylish and traditional look. Every Gadsby wicker hamper is hand woven to create an air of traditional elegance.
  • Not only spacious and beautiful, this hamper is strong enough to carry weighty gifts safely.
  • If you wish to use for display and/or packaging and storage, approximately one bale of shredded paper will half fill around 18 x 18" hampers.


Gadsby 18 Inch Wicker Hamper Storage Picnic Basket - Split Willow


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