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A Little Bit About By Aurora...

Come January 2021, it'll be just about 2 years since Dawn (or Aurora in latin) started seriously making fine wax melts and candles - we thought it might be interesting to tell you why, especially given the current state of world affairs

So, why do we buy melts, candles, soaps, perfumes etc..?

This was a key question (and eventual answer) as to why By Aurora was created and why it seems to be growing from strength to strength. And for us, it's all about memories. You recognise a scent and it immediately invokes a memory, hopefully a good memory, but something that pulls a time you associate with happiness or something extra special to the forefront of your mind, that helps you relax and melt away any anxiety.

And that's great, especially as mentioned above, given the situation with Covid and all that involves. But if you have a special scent that helps you remember the most special times of your life, it needs to be consistent and the entire experience, rightly needs to be special - something that far too many existing wax creators were lacking - hence By Aurora.

It took a lot of time to come up with the ideal formulation for each fragrance. As we proudly advertise, each one is handmade by Dawn to strict specs. This means every time you buy a pack or gift set from us, you should experience the same great feelings you had the first time

But of course there's more to the By Aurora experience. Making sure we don't harm our eco system any more than we already have, is also key to us. This is why we never use paraffin wax, which is what many of the more well known candle makers use (you can make your own mind up here:

We also do everything we can to ensure all our packaging is recylable/recycled, biodegradable and/or compostable. We can't say we're 100% there right now as there just aren't the products out there to do everything we need, but we're pretty close.

Helping make the day go that little bit better is worth everything that we do here - we hope you agree!

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