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We Think the World Needs a Superhero - So We Just Invented One..!

Look, it's the weekend, let's have some fun, so please say hi to Doctor Glorious Peacebringer. Saviour of the Universe and of course regular wax melt user,

Doctor Glorious Peacebringer's remit is to ensure everybody enjoys themselves whenever possible. Whether you're at work, at home, walking the dog or even at the gym; you should be relaxed at at the peak of your mental and physical capabilities.

His superpowers are enhanced by peppermint for awareness, lavender for long, restful sleep, orange to fight infection and eucalyptus for energy, all of which are intensified using his personal collection of over 100 wax melt and candle fragrances

So if you're affected by stress, can't sleep, feel down or generally just not with it, just think of Doctor Glorious Peacebringer and he'll help you get back on top of things. Find somewhere to chill, light your favourite melt or candle and let the good Dr do the rest.

He might not wear his underpants outside his trousers, and he might not spin spider webs from his wrist, but he's there to help whenever you need him!

So if you need help finding your superpower, let us know and we'll gladly help!

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