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8 Cell Christmas Tree Bauble Silicone Chocolate Mould:

Made from 100% food grade silicone, which means this mould is non-toxic and odourless. So it's incredibly safe for you and your family and it's also better for the environment.


Convenient & Practical:

Can be used in the oven or microwave and cleaned using the dishwasher, saving time and hassle. When you've finished making your moulds, you can pop them in the freezer too, so you don't have to worry about making them ahead of time.


Incredibly Durable

So long as you care for them correctly, they won't harden, crack, dry out or become brittle, meaning you can use them time and time again without having to keep buying new ones, so you cut down on your single-use plastics!


Perfect For Whatever You Want to Make

They come in four different designs; stag, snowflake, star and Merry Christmas and are primarily designed for chocolate moulds, but you can also use them with candy, soap, resin, wax, ice and even concrete, making these some of the most versatile silicone moulds you can get. They're also designed with hole in the top to allow a ribbon to be threaded through, which means you really can tie these on the tree if you want.


Here's the size specifications:


Teardrop Shape Cell size : height : 60mm , width : 41.5mm depth 11mm - Weight: 19g

Round Shape Cell size : height : 54mm , width : 41.5mm depth 11mm - Weight: 20g

Overall mould size : 240mm x 150mm

All measurements given are approximate.


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8 Cell Christmas Tree Bauble Silicone Chocolate Mould

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