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The Effect of the Scented Naked Flame - Part 1


Well... in essence this is going to be a series of posts related to the very basics of what in effect, By Aurora is all about - why this company exists in the first place. After all, there is not much else that can match the power of a scented, naked flame to invoke warmth, comfort, security and magical memories.

It goes back to our very beginnings as a species when 'man' first learnt how to create and control fire. Then a massively complex thing to do, but now so simple, but nonetheless, still so comforting.

So, we're going to take a series of famous quotations from people far more creative than us and relate that back into how we can use their wisdom and experience in our own lives, combined with a simple naked flame and your favourite fragrance. So, sit back, and let's begin with our first guest; President of the United States of America, Franklin D. Roosevelt -

"When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on."

This is to us, so pertinent as we come toward the end of 2020. How many people have been affected by the things that have happened this year? When you look back at the start of January, everything looked a lot better than it eventually has turned out. Who would have thought we would have gone through multiple lockdowns, with all that entails?

For many of us, this year has been not much more than an inconvenience. For others it has hit home like a sledgehammer, ripping apart friends and families, for whom our thoughts go out to.

When Roosevelt spoke these words, he must have been thinking of everything the US was going through during the period of World War II, having just been through the depression of the twenties and thirties. Then as now, life dealt many people a rotten hand, but there is always hope.

Finding your knot at the end of the rope can make all the difference. In the context of this post, the 'knot' we hang on to in difficult times is our Sweet Orange fragrance, and there's nothing better than lighting up a plain tea light candle and watching that most comforting of flames, slowly melt away frustration and stress and bring back thoughts of summer days, orange groves and happiness.

What's your knot that you use to hold on to?

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