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It's the weekend - what's your day like today?

Happy Saturday everyone! It's the weekend so for many of us, it's a chance to get a lie-in and forget about work for a day or two, right?

For some, it's a great chance to get out and about; taking a walk, going jogging or hitting the gym (Covid allowing!). Hopefully it's also a chance to see relatives and friends, but that may not be possible for everyone right now.

We thought it might be interesting to let you know what our Saturday is like today:

8:30 - Unfortunately no lay-in today. time to get up and walk Wolfy the Husky. You probably know that Huskies are bred to pull heavy sleds, which is an instinct inbred into them whether they're in Siberia or Yorkshire. So Wolfy's 'sled' is the person walking him, which means a rather energetic hour long session trying to control a husky on a mission!

9:30 - 10:00 Breakfast. You need to get ready for the day ahead!

10:30 - I'm in the office planning blog posts for the next few weeks and months and Dawn is finishing off wrapping up wax melt gift sets and getting them ready to go to the post office

12 noon - Lunchtime! Grab something out of the fridge (or any other place with food handy!) and re-energise for the afternoon.

1pm - 6pm Prepping more wax melts, cleaning moulds, cutting wrapping paper to size and stamping boxes.

6:30 (or so) is hopefully dinner. It's Saturday - I'm going to be pushing for pizza!

7:30 thru 9pm is paperwork. Checking orders, putting on Royal Mail, updating Amazon, replying to messages there, on eBay and Facebook (all whilst trying to chillax with one of our favourite wax melts) and then sleep time!

What's your weekend like? Do you get to relax? If you do, what's your favourite relaxation routine/fav fragrance?

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