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CLP - What Does it Mean, & Why Does it Matter?

So there are of course many, many other wax melt and candle crafting companies in the UK and you may well have bought items from quite a few of them. But did you notice how many of them supplied the safety information that they're obliged to by UK law?

CLP labelling from By Aurora
CLP labels on the inside of all our gift sets

I hope they all did and indeed if you choose to buy from other companies in the future, I hope they do too, but chances are very few, if any actually even realised they had such an obligation.

To be fair, it's a nightmare and unless you have a phD in chemistry, you may end up banging your head against a brick wall. But the rules are there for a reason - safety!

We all know that chemicals can be dangerous if applied incorrectly. Some people have severe reactions to certain compounds and it's the job of the CLP label to ensure that anyone buying something containing a compound that may affect them, is clearly labelled

Imagine buying a pack of wax melts or a candle, lighting it and passing out because it contains something that causes you problems. But many, many home crafting companies still send out products with no labels.

Of course, 99.99% of our products should never cause any problems. After all, we're careful to use only natural ingredients wherever possible and when using chemical compounds, to ensure the manufacturer is not including anything they shouldn't, so you can carry on melting to your heart's content. But it's always good to know

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